Presbyterian Youth Tri-PENNium

Every three years, PC(USA) holds a nationwide youth conference for Presbyterian high school students in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year, the event was unfortunately canceled. After months of planning and prayerful consideration, we felt called to hold a smaller conference at Krislund following the same theme and trusting that the Spirit will meet us here just as He would have in Indianapolis.

The Carlisle, Huntingdon, Kiskiminetas, Lehigh, Lackawanna, and Northumberland Presbyteries are excited to invite you to Presbyterian Youth Tri-PENNium at Krislund! We will be following PC(USA)’s Matthew 25 framework, which calls us to actively participate in the world around us by boldly and compassionately serving people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor. Teens today belong to what is very possibly the most politically and socially aware generation the world has ever seen. This event will help foster that passion and equip them to pursue the justice that God seeks for His people.

Presbyterian Youth Tri-PENNium is more than just a four-day event – it is a year-round fellowship for teens who are committed to social justice. Over the next two years, Krislund will be hosting both in-person and virtual events to build and support this community.

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