Exciting Announcement for the September Presbytery Meeting


Kay Kotan, a gifted author, consultant, speaker, and coach, will be presenting two sessions at this year’s retreat. Kay Kotan is the founder of You Unlimited. Her vast experience and knowledge come from both the corporate sector and non-profit sectors.  Her career path includes fifteen years in corporate banking, more than twenty years as a business owner, and serving on the Cabinet of two United Methodist Conferences as a Developer.  Kotan has authored more than a dozen books.

She will present “Small Church Checkup” and we will hear about the concept of the checkup, diagnose what kind of small church we are, and choose the appropriate treatment plan for each church. Kay will help us leave with action steps, not just theory.

She will also present the “Ultimate Relaunch Playbook” to help us use this time of the pandemic to restart our outreach efforts for building our churches.

We look forward to her wisdom and guidance and hope that you do as well. See you at the retreat!

If you would like to register for this year’s retreat, CLICK HERE.

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