Emails Updates

We Have Made Some Changes…

Kiskiminetas Presbytery has updated emails.

While updating our system at the Presbytery office we decided it was a good time to make our emails more fitting. Below you will find a list of our updated emails that are now active.

Our previous emails will still work, we will receive your email if you send something to the old email addresses (for a certain period of time) but we will be responding from our new emails. Please update your information with the new emails listed below.

With this update comes a small growing pain. We have discovered that certain emails were sent to our Junk mail instead of our inbox. You may find that this will also happen in your email account so PLEASE remember to check your spam/junk folders. If this occurs it may require you to adjust your email settings.

As always, please contact the Presbytery office with any questions. Thank you.

Don Wilson –
Mindy Seilder –
Kimberly Blackgrove –
Krystle Rupert –
Kathy Nice –

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