Christmas Wishes from Rwanda


Dear brothers and sisters of Kiskiminetas Presbytery,

On behalf of the Gitarama Presbytery community, please receive our warm greetings from the bottom of our hearts. Gitarama presbytery always appreciates the unity God has put between our two presbyteries. It eventually reminds us of Jesus’ recommendation before he ended up his mission on earth (John 17:20-25). He prayed for his disciples and all believers to be one.

In addition, English says, “together we stand, apart we fall.” Both theories show the importance of working collaboratively. As you know very well, our partnership has many years back, and they were very fruitful. But I would take this time to thank you for everything in 2022, which is coming to an end. This year has been a blessing because God ended the pandemic this year.

On another side, this is the right time to commit the plans (including the trip of your delegation) of the coming new year in God’s hands. We wish this partnership to grow bigger and bigger and to live eternally.

Let me close this letter by wishing you “a merry Christmas and a marvelous new year” to the Kiski community at large and your partnership focal people in particular.

Yours faithfully


President and legal representative of Gitarama Presbytery

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