Camp LAMBEC Updates

Dear Lambec Family & Friends,
During this Season of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share the latest updates about the CAPNWP Board and Camp Lambec.
We have a new website!  Thanks to the gifts and skills of Ivan Harris, a new board member, we are moving forward with better communication and promotion of all things Camp Lambec!  The new website address is (Put it in as an HTTP address and place it in your favorites).  We are still trying to make the old website address link to the new one.  (If you google it, it goes to the old website).  Please explore the site as we populate the content with information and pictures for the 2023 camping season.
If you have pictures you would like to share, have suggestions for content, want clarification, or have any questions, please get in touch with me at my new email address:  (Note the dot between my first and last name).  This will become the primary email in the upcoming months, although you may continue to use my personal email at
The closing of the camp and further improvement projects unfolded well during October.  Volunteers from a group called Erie Serves painted the dining hall porch, installed new lights in Cabins #9 and #10, did lots of log splitting and branch gathering, gathered some leaves, and stored the pond boats and life jackets away for the season.  Another large group of volunteers helped close camp operations by closing down the kitchen, dining hall, camp store, recreation hall, and all the cabins on the final weekend in October.  Leaf gathering, tree cutting, log splitting, gutter cleaning, porch repairs, and bench painting, along with other improvements and closing procedures, made the fall season a very productive time of facility maintenance and increased user capacity.  A special thank you to Bob and Bobby Meanor for their combined efforts to drain water lines and shut down natural gas lines to secure all facilities for winter weather.  (Timely before 2 feet of snow fell on the camp).  New gas lines were installed, allowing heat in our water treatment buildings, the office, and the old director’s cabin (renovated in the spring of 2022).
All the cabins are now painted, and the lower level of the Recreation Hall has a new look with a coat of paint!  The lower bathhouse project is underway, as it has been completely gutted.   A new 24-foot expansion, new electric service, and plumbing lines and fixtures will be added in early spring (March-May).  Cabin #7 underwent a complete renovation and is now prepared to be a part of our expanded camping season.  All rooms are heated, a new bathroom with a shower installed, and plenty of beds for new groups of campers.  These improvements were facilitated by the generosity of Bob Nicolls and his work crews.
All these efforts will enable us to provide seven weeks of summer camp programming beginning June 18th!  We are adding a new Mission Camp and a Sports & Adventure Camp for children and youth.  Plans are also being made to expand our Family Camp offerings.  Several churches, mission groups, and other rentals are booked for several weeks of camp, retreats, and family reunions, and we have booked two destination weddings for next year!
You will see our development of retreat programs and camps for 2023, as a new brochure and information will be posted on the website along with a mailing to be disbursed in the new year.  We hope to have an improved Facebook presence beginning in the new year and other offerings during this 75th year of ministry and mission for Camp Lambic.  We will hold a Camp Preview Weekend (April 28th-30th) and a Camp Open House on July 15th so that people can experience all the camp now has to offer!  More details on how you can attend, support, and encourage these future endeavors will be part of a mailing in December, marking our 75th Anniversary of ministry and mission and solidifying a bright future for Camp Lambec!
We hope everyone is having a blessed Season of Thanksgiving and embracing the unfolding Advent Season, and may all have a Joyous Christmas Season!
Blessed Be & Peace,
Pastor Dennis Molnar
Transitional Director of CAPNWP & Camp Lambec

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