What is the current mileage rate?

2023 Mileage Rates:

Employees: 0.655/mile

Committee Work: 0.14/mile

Preaching: 0.655/mile

Preaching Supplies Rates:

1 Church: $100 plus mileage

2 Churches $120 ($60 each) plus Mileage

CRE’s rate is $14.00/hour

What is the 2023 Per Capita amount?

2023 Per Capita

Presbytery: $24.00

Synod: $2.40

General Assembly: $9.85

Total: $36.25

Where can I find …………?

If you’re not sure what tab to look under, there is a search box on the top right of the homepage. Enter part of what you are looking for to bring up possibilities. You can click on the suggestions to locate the item.

Protected: 2022 Presbytery Directory

Protected: 2022 Presbytery Directory

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