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Annual Clerk Survey

There is a 2019 Clerk’s Annual Questionnaire (CAQ). In December, it was mailed to approximately 8000 congregations; these are congregations for whom Research Services has an email address. There were some technical issues with the mailing that have been addressed.

Let me share some changes with the CAQ:

  • For many years, the CAQ was mailed to churches in the same package as the Session Annual Statistical Report. Once the two surveys became web-based surveys, they still were sent at the same time but over the last four years the timing has varied.  The goal is for the survey to be October to November; this year it was emailed in December.
  • The CAQ is shorter!  It is four printed pages which is significantly shorter than previous years.
  • The questions focus on financial programs, financial management, and giving.
  • The time to take the CAQ is about 12 minutes.
  • You might wonder what happened with the other questions. In an effort to be more responsive to the needs of program leaders, short surveys or polls will be sent. Some surveys will be sent to all churches and some will be sent to a sample. These samples may be based on church size, location, or recent experience with national staff and programs. The surveys will be one of two new formats:
    • Person in the Pew that will ask questions to gain the member’s perspective.
    • Church on the Corner that will ask questions related to programs and ministry.

Here is the shareable survey link:   There is only one link for all clerks.

For those without a computer or internet access, the four page print version can be mailed to Research Services, 100 Witherspoon St., Louisville, KY 40202.  The return address is also on the survey’s last page.

The deadline is February 14.

For technical assistance with the survey, please contact Deb Worland at this email address:

2020 Records Review

Choose whatever date and location suits your schedule best, but you must register to allow for social distancing:

  • July 20, 1 pm, Clarion, First PC
  • July 23, 1 pm and 6 pm, Presbytery Office
  • August 3, 1 pm, Brockway United PC
  • August 12, 1 pm, Slate Lick United PC
  • August 13, 6 pm, Presbytery Office
  • August 15, 10 am, Shelocta Community PC

Here is the link to register yourself for your choice of review dates:

Forms for the 2020 Record Reviews are here.