Annual Reviews, Terms of Call, and Contracts

Annual Reviews for all Commissioned Pastors, Transitional Contract Ministers (Interims and Temporary Supply Contracts) are due as soon as possible, but NLT 1 December 2020.

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Annual Review





Terms of Call and Contracts

For Board of Pension Information please use their website for calculators on pension, medical, death and disability dues.

Word Document 2021 Terms of Call Form. Please note, we are no longer using an excel worksheet to submit terms of call for 2020. Please feel free to edit this form as needed.

New Minimum Terms of Call was set at the September 2020 Presbytery meeting.

Word Document 2021 Commissioned Pastor Work Agreement.

Word Document 2021 Transitional Contract Ministers (Interims and Temporary Supply Contracts)

Word Document 2021 Student Ministry Work Agreements