Rwanda Newsletter – March 2022



Gitarama Presbytery is committed to publishing a monthly newsletter. This newsletter includes a sample of every day’s activities and achievements. Then, it helps both members and partners of the Gitarama presbytery to have information about the Gitarama presbytery on a regular basis. This one of March 2022 focuses on the following topics:

  • Consecration of new pastors
  • Celebration of international women’s day
  • The virtual meeting between Gitarama and Kiskiminetas presbyteries 


On February 26, 2022, three Ministers of EPR Gitarama presbytery were ordained in a ceremony that took place in Remera presbytery. These ministers are Rev. NZAYISENGA Didace minister of EPR Matyozo, Rev.UWASE NIYONTEGEREJE Jeanne Marie minister of EPR Musenyi, and Rev. MUHIRE Joseph minister of EPR Kabadaha. The ceremony was led by Rev. Pascal BATARINGAYA; President and legal representative of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda. This event used to be on a national level where pastors from all presbyteries met together. But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, it took place in three sites; namely Remera, Rubengera, and Kigali but on different dates.

Six newly ordained pastors from two presbyteries including three of Gitarama’s


Ordination of Remera Presbytery


President and vice president of EPR with seven presbyters including Rev. Albertine Nyiraneza of Gitarama presbytery.



On Sunday, March 13, 2022, the Presbyterian church in Rwanda celebrated international women’s day in its all parishes all over the country. This day was a good opportunity to honor women’s ability to serve as their brothers do. On this special day, only women-led the liturgy, preaching and collecting offerings. On another hand, they brought special offerings. In some parishes, men also gave gifts to their wives and vice versa.

 Women at Kabeza sub-parish brought offerings in Rwandan basket “Agaseke”


In the same spirit of celebrating family. 16 couples members of the “Intumwa choir” of EPR Gitarama parish who gave birth during the period of the pandemic reported praise to God. Their fellow members congratulated them with many gifts including an umbrella to protect children from sunshine and rain.


 Intumwa choir reporting the praise to God who blessed them with newborns



On March 12, 2022 members of the partnership committee of the Gitarama presbytery joined a virtual meeting of the Kiskiminetas presbytery of PCUSA.In this bilateral meeting, the president and communication agent of the Gitarama partnership committee presented slides about the experience of the Gitarama presbytery during the COVID-19 pandemic, achievements through partnership, and the current situation of the Gitarama presbytery. Normally, in this partnership, there used to be reciprocal visits each year and both committees discuss matters concerning the partnership; but during the last two years, there wasn’t any face-to-face meeting. So, the zoom meeting was a crucial opportunity to see the faces of friends on both sides.

      Screenshot photo of meeting attendance.



  • Pray for the sustainability/consistency of the Gitarama – Kiskimenitas partnership
  • Pray for the support of the motorbike promised by Rev. Donald Wilson in the meeting held at Gitarama during his visit in 2018
  • Pray for our parishes which are still closed
  • Pray for the projects shared in the previous slide
  • Pray for inactive sister churches and the start of new sister churches



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